a) 'But maist folk think he's a Curwen - Connectid wid Wukiton Haw - His Faather un Grandfaather wur Gentry-thu say...' - Whoa Wuz He? - Humorous Tales in Cumbrian Dialect Rhyme, Ethel Fisher MBE, Pub: Hills, Workington, 1998

b) Wukiton Byeuk Posh by David Kirshner and [1] or [2] described as 'Wukington Byeuk Posh' in other references [3][4] - 2006

c) Wukiton my a***, is no doubt what Jim Royle would say, but Ricky said yes, and the one-time real flying-picket and pretend England manager is glad to be part of Paint the Town Red. - Ricky Thomlinson in Wukiton - Paint the Town Red (2008)

d) Give me a good old fashioned pub with a piano marra, this old fella in Wukiton used to say to me, I think it was int Appletree - Off the Hook (2007)

e) Cumbrian place-names in dialect -