a) 'Put tugither, theer thu maak - Wukitun's Uppies un Doonies. - If t'baw gits scoppt in t' Daarwunt - Team gaa in unknow - Than scrap reet throo t'toon centre - Which noobut gaas tu show - Thu must be strong uz cuddies - Wid neeah rum fur punies...' - Uppies un Doonies by Ethel Fisher MBE in Humorous Tales in Cumbrian Dialect Rhyme, Pub: Hills, Workington, 1998. p96

b) Aaaaz fray Wukintun - Hong Kong - Workington of the East - Travel blog - 07-07-2005

c) A writ in Wukintun's finest voice. Divn't worry if ya can't git the jist of it, arl put a nice larl dictionary at arse end for yer t' 'ave a deek through! from poetry review - 'Growin' up in Cumbria - there wuz loads A wanted t' be... What's wrong wi' Wukintun she sed... I divn't wanna leave Wukintun... ' from the poem 'Growin up in Cumbria' posted on 'A bit e Cumbrian frae a Wukintun lass' by Kamallan (2006) - Reviews