a) .. this moiety descended to Sir George Dalston of Cumberland, who about the middle of Charles I.'s reign, alienated it to Sir Patrick Curwin of Workinton... - The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 1 (1797) - British History Online

b) From Workinton 17th of May, Your most faithful and affectionate good sister and cousin, and escaped prisoner, Mary, R. - from Sir Henry Ellis (1824) Original Letters, Illustrative of English History: To 1586 Translation from the French of 'Wirkinton' in Mary Queen of Scots' address

c) Thomas Workinton was born at Workington, Cumberland, England (died 1200). He was the son of Gospatric Workinton and Egelina(?). He died in 1200 at Workington, Cumberland, England - A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe - The Peerage - Last Edited 18 May 2009

d) ...Transports; the Blessing of Bristol, to Workinton, Ballast; the Anne of Carlingford, to Drogheda, Malt... - The Dublin News-Letter (1740)

e) Rebekah Workinton abt 1863 Lancashire, England - Workinton as a surname in 1891 census (No proof of any link)

f) Measurement of the activation energy of the low temperature oxidation of coal using secondary ion mass spectrometry by Ronald R. Martina... Mark Workinton et al - Surname in Canada (No proof of any link)

g) Workinton Helena Braum (1861) - 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta (No proof of any link)

h) Curwen, John F, 'A History of the Ancient House of Curwen of Workington in Cumberland' - Published in Kendal, Cumberland, U.K.: Titus Wilson & Co., 1928

i) He held Lamplugh, of Cospatrick, fil. Orme, Ld. of Wirkinton, whose son and heire, Thomas filius Gospatrici, gave to the said Robert Lamplugh, the patronage of the Rectories of Kettel town als. Kelton and Arlochden. - Pedigrees Recorded at the Herald's Visitation of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland - 12 June 1665.

j) I have to say this and i dont often blast fans of other teams, not even our lovely neighbours. but workinton fans are (and this is from 20 years experience) some of the worst iv met not all of them but quite alot of them - Total Rugby League - Rugby League Fans Forum - 1 Mar 2009

k) Robert Byres Birth: abt 1806 - Workinton, Cumberland, England. Residence: 1881 - Preston Quarter, Cumberland, England - Workinton at - Births in Workinton after 1806

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