1) WorkingtonCoat of arms from the Hawker Hurricane Mk 2c serial no BE515. Its owned by the Air Cadets. Link to Jeff Wilson's photograph on Old Workington Facebook group 

2) Celebrating 50 years of Workington being created a Borough in 1888 Link to Cheryl Bougeard McGraffin - Old Workington group - 1938 photograph of Beeby Street, Workington, Cumberland.

1951 coat of arms drawn by Ellie Pullin (Byers) for WKTN Half Marathon cert

1951 WORKINGTON coat of arms from the 1982 half marathon certificate ( Art by Ellie Pullin)

1888 Coat of arms


Tue 30-06-2009 (6-15) 058 WKN CREST

1888 Mayoral Coat of Arms

25-07-09 096

1888 Coat of Arms on the War Memorial in Vulcan Park

1951 coat for 1983 Wktn half marathon drawn Ellie Byers (Pullin)

A4 version of 1951 coat of arms. Copyright free. Art by Ellie Pullin blown up from small illustration on certificate for half marathon 1983.


1951 Coat of Arms in St Michaels'