a) 'Margaret Briggs was born circa 1835 in Workingston, England.' - Turnbull Clan Association - Clan born in Workington

b) 'France 10 : Wales 22... Wales defied the conditions and recovered from a dreadful start to win the European Championship for the first time since 1938. Their captain, Jonathan Davies, was their inspiration... Wales: Atcheson (Wigan)...Ellis (Workington)...Philips (Workingston)...' - Davies the inspiration for Wales (rugby) - The Independent - Mon 6 March 1995.

c) Tony Hopper from Workingston Reds(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) - Irl - 31.05.1976 - D/DMRC - Free Feb 2001. - Global Soccer Transfers - 2001.

d) 'Property and construction firm Wah Tak Fung Holdings has entered into a provisional agreement to sell its Workingston Centre in North Point to independent investor Kinco Investment Holding for HK$26 million.' - Workingston Tower Sold - The Standard newspaper, Hong Kong, China - 9 May 2003. (Ed: Is this Hong Kong's Workington Tower? Need to check origin of both names)

e) '...used to live and work in the Workingston/Carlisle area of the UK(just to be more specific for our overseas viewers LOL)1984-1989 in which i may have some chance photos amongst my heirlooms. They're more likely to be of pubs though...' - comment on Theatre Royal in Workington, at Cinema - 9 March 2008.

f) 'Ins: Hugh Cameron, midfielder (St Cuthberts Athletic, undisclosed); Derek Townsley, defender/assistant (Workingston Reds); Alan Inglis, defender (Workington Reds)...' - Annan Athletic - BBC - Division Three ins and outs: BBC Sport's one-stop shop for all the close-season Third Division transfers. See also Pie and - 20 August 2008.

g) Motherwell Football Club, Scotland - Fan forum comment.

h) 'Ian Bird returns to the Vale of Lune (rugby union) line-up for the first time since October this Saturday at Upper of two changes to the Vale side from the trip to Workingston.' - Bird back on the wing for Vale clash - The Lancaster Guardian - 22 January 2009.

i) 'Sabe aquele sentimento de que alguma coisa deve estar errada? O zagueiro Dean Gordon, que joga no britânico Workingston, estava se sentindo assim quando telefonou para seu técnico neste domingo, duas horas antes do jogo contra Alfreton, perguntando onde estava o resto do time. Gordon ouviu que eles estavam todos concentrados em seu próprio estádio - ele é estava no campo errado. "Eu achei que ele ia me contar que estava preso no tráfego ou tinha se envolvido em um acidente", conta o treinador Darren Edmondson' - Zagueiro britânico vai treinar no campo errado - Newstin - 31 March 2009.

j) 'Lakes Alive Festival, Keswick August 15 Lakes Alive Festival, Workingston August 16... Penlee Park, Penzance August 19 - Bash Street Theatre on Facebook - June 2009.

k) Search reply from