Text Wkn

WKN - One of the ways to write Workington when texting

For texting and chatting online. Similarly, neighbouring towns are Wvn (Whitehaven) and Mpt (Maryport).

2) Ross Singleton, Member, Team, Cumbrian |!search/profile/person?personId...This profile was last updated on 7/1/12 and contains information from public web pages...., 1 July 2012 [cached] ..... Ross Singleton (Win), 2 Jack Burgess (Win), 3 Luke Guest (Wvn), 4 Michael Hendren (Wkn) 

3) Highways and Engineering (WKN) Allerdale

This is actually my favourite. Why? Try this activity: Slowly speak each letter in turn. Do not pronounce the letters as if you are advertising an American Radio Station, but pronounce them as if you were a young child learning how to read. Keep saying the three letters over and over again, getting faster and faster and faster. You get my point?

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