1) Landing of Mary Queen of Scots at Warkington in 1568

Source: Calderwood's Historie of the Kirk in Scotland.  Publisher: Wodrow Society in 1843. Page: 428.


2) Sending 300 soldiers to Ireland via Warkington, Liverpool or Chester

Source: The Walsingham letter-book or register of Ireland, May 1578 to December 1579 by Sir Francis Walsingham. Publisher: Irish Manuscripts Commission in 1959. Pages 123 and 125.

Warkington 300 soldiers

3) In 1648, during the English Civil War:  '...the great number of additional Scots (said to be come by way of Carlisle and Berwick) proves but 150 landed at Warkington, very poor and unarmed

Source: Historical Collections of Private Passages of State, Weighty...  Volume 7  of 1701.

Warkington 150 Calendar

4) 'A sad memoriall of Henry Curwen esquire, the most worthy and onely child of Sr Patricius Curwen Baronet of Warkington in Cumberland' 

Sources: National Library of Australia. See also: World Cat Trove Izaac Walton's Lives..

Henry 1638

5) Brokelsby Betty (as Generally believ'd) was as certainly the Best Mare the Kingdom has produc'd as that Childers was Superior in Speed to all other Horses &c whatsoever. She was bred by Mr Pelham (above mention'd.) Her Sire is Sufficiently distinguish'd to Sportsmen by the Title of the Bay Barb. A Horse presented by Muli Ishmael King of Morocco: to Lewis 14th of France, but afterward was the late Mr Curwen's, of Warkington, in Cumberland. 

Source: Thoroughbred bloodlines. See foot notes at bottom of page.

Fine prints of The Bay Barb painted by John Wootton are available from Encore Editions


Bay Barb by John Wooton. Prints available from Encore Editions. See link in sources.


Source: An Historical list, of all horse-matches run, by J. Cheny. Page 46.  Index entry.


John Cheny's Historical List page 46

7) '...The Primrose Steel, Warkington, lost, and all hands...'

Primrose Steel 2nd account

The Primrose Steel, of WARKINGTON, lost, and all hands.

Source: The Annual Register or View of the History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1770, Volume 13 by  Edmund Burke. Page 167.  

8) ...Joshua, of Warkington; Thompson, Henry, of Cockermouth ; Tyson, George, of and Wasdale... -

Source: Carlisle Patriot (newspaper) - 13 Sep 1817 - Page 1 - from the British Newspaper Archive



9) Warkington ship Isabella arrival in Canada 1823. 

Source: The Ships List - Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec 1823


Brig Isabella from WARKINGTON arrives in Canada.

10) The Railway Times 1839 page 45: '... Maryport, Warkington, Cockermouth...'

Maryport & Carlisle Railway

11) Jas. Byers, Warkington, Cumberland, England, 21, wife and one child, (body) recovered' Miners killed in Nanaimo, BC Mine Explosion Disaster, May 1887 - GenDisasters - Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods - Other West Cumbrian miners from Maryport and Cleator Moor also killed.

Jas Byers Nanaimo

Nanaimo Mine Disaster, Canada.

12) Warkington, Cumberland mining disaster 1888

Source: Timaru Herald, New Zealand

Colliery EXplosion Warkington

13) Warkington at - Search for Warkington - Page 2 - Most birth dates - c1849.

14) Wark or Wuk meaning Work - John Well's Solway Winds - Words in West Cumbrian Dialect, 2004, Pub. Pitcairn. Amazon Books

15morecambe (level 4) v generalke na ligu prehrali aj s warkington reds ktory hra severnu konferenciu (level 6)  Diskuzni Forum O Sazeni (Czech Soccer chat forum)  - Retrieved Sept 2009 - Link is no longer active but the quotation is retained.

16) warking from warkington to whitehaven Photos - Photobucket warking from warkington to whitehaven 

17)In a pamphlet published in America in 1810 and republished in Warkington, England in 1818, Rev. William E. Davis, of South Carolina, stated that the 2300 days began with the seventy weeks of Daniel 9:24.

Source: 1844 Volume 1 Religious Movements by Jerome L Clark. Publisher: Teach Service Inc. Facimile of original.    See also: Religious publication reference

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Still verifying: Eton Register

Other places called Warkington found during searches:

1) Warkington in Lancashire. Source: Empire and Citizens, Book 1 by Ben Walsh.

2) English landlord, the Abbot of Bury St Edmunds, and his tenants on the manor of Warkington Source: Ideas and Institutions in European History, 800-1715 by Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1948.

To be checked: 1046AD Normandy Lochard, became Lockhart after Crusades... area around Warkington, Lockerbee and Lanarkshire... exert from family bible circa 1800 states Grandfather lost lands and title "earl of Warkington" due to a gambling debt. Paid by cousin in exchange for title and lands.. . Dirk Wyille Graeme Lockhart on Clan Lockhart site 2005.  Maybe another 'Warkington'. There has never been an Earl of Workington.

Mentions of 'Warkington' outside West Cumbria: Empires and Citizens

Mendenhall 1948