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MS British Library Cotton Caligula C. i.

ARTICLE: Planta's art. 63

FOLIATION: ff. 146-147v (Planta's 110-111v; pencil 108- 109v, ink 98- 99v and 141-142v and 215-216v)


Mary, Queen of Scots, letter to Elizabeth I, by with hopes for her good favour and complaints about the behaviour of Henry, Lord Scrope (d. 1592), Francis Knollys (d. 1596) and "milord Wurkinton" towards her friends in Scotland. She refers Elizabeth to John, Lord Herries (d. 1583), who goes to France to be rewarded by the French crown for his loyal service to Mary.

Original. Signed (f. 147): "Votre tres affectionnee et bonne * soeur et cousine Marie R."

Addressed (in the vernacular, by a different hand; f. 147v): "To the Quin my gud Sister * and Cusign the quin off ingland."

Endorsed (in a later hand; f. 147v): "26 Junij 1568 * The Q. of Scotts to ye * Q. Majesty."


DATING: Carlisle, 26 June [1568].



Paper, spotted by damp. Edges singed and subsequently trimmed, with the loss of several letters from the outer recto edges.


London, P.R.O., SP (fair contemp. copy) ILLUSTRATED:


A. Labanoff, Lettres de Marie Stuart, 7 vols. (London, 1844), II, pp. 122-5. [From Calig. C. i.] Cal. S.P. Scottish, II, 1563-9, pp. 446-7, no. 718. [Cal., from P.R.O., SP .] LITERATURE:


AUTHOR: Dr Nigel Ramsay DATE: 22-7-98 SORTCODE: A-COTCAL-C1p63